Sheepdog Estate - Native, Pet-Friendly Plants!

Working to create a world of native, kid-safe, pet-friendly, pollinator-loving landscapes!

We keep an inventory of a plethora of plants including:

PawPaw Trees!

Cool, Silky Shade Loving Dogwoods!

Pretty, Delicious Downy Serviceberry Trees!

Tasty, Healthful Aronia Berry producing bushes!

Bark, Bark, Bark! - look at those River Birches!

Lemony Sumacs!

Indigo-bushes with purple-y flowers!

Dawn Redwood trees that were around with the dinosaurs!

and more!

Currently purveying plants and supplies at Farmer's Markets in the RVA region 

and on Facebook Marketplace! 

Also advising on stewardship and value of natural landscapes!

Feel free to reach out to coordinate meet-ups or to inquire about inventory!

Reach us at: